In The Media

At the Pace of Multimedia
Jan.-Feb. 1997, pp. 80 to 89

"We have seen an access race over the past few years. Supply and demand were very important. Now the market is weeding out and the players already in place are consolidating their position. So we will have to expect that content will be more and more important." (full article)


Planète Internet
Clash of the Titans
Sept. 1996, pp. 26 and 27

"We could obtain clients by buying accounts from other providers, but we are also capable of getting clients by providing a quality service and different types of connections." (full article)

Courrier Laval
National Bank's Small Businesses
Oct. 12th, 1997, p. 28

"Cansoc Technologies beat renowned competitors by winning international bids. Cansoc now supplies equipment and implements information networks for companies with annual sales of ten billion dollars." (full article)

La Presse
Recognition for Winners!
Nov. 14th 1997

"Congradulations to the businesses daring enough to think differently ... SILVER : Cansoc Technologies Inc." (full article)

Outlining and Encouraging Excellence
Nov. 1998, p. 27

"Visionary, innovator and business savvy, these are only a few adjectives that describe Pierre Savignac." (full article)

APC Review
Cansoc Technology Spreads APC Technology Around the World
April 1998

"The demand for computer infrastructure in developing countries is enormous. These countries are spending more than we think on cutting-edge computers, yet they have fewer specialized local suppliers and technical experts available to assist them." (full article)


Angels Rescue Small Business
Mai 1998, pp. 56 et 57

Pierre Savignac : "We are looking for partners that are creative, interested in what we accomplish more than what we own." (full article)

Les Affaires
In Pursuit of a Vision
May 9th, 1998, p. 30

Finalists : "Young Entrepreneur of Quebec, (established business) : Mr. Tim Dohan, Ms. Danielle Lafond and Mr. Pierre Savignac." (full article)

Les Affaires
Internet High Speed is on its Way
Dec 21st 1996, pp. T8 and T9 (TECHnologie booklet)

"Videotron wants to become a major player in telecommunications. We must therefore modernise our entire network." (full article)


Team Canada
Letter from Prime Minister Jean Chrétien

"The Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and the Government of Canada Recognize the successful participation of M. Pierre Savignac ..." (full text)