Outlining and Encouraging Competence
Taken from the magazine L'autonome, November 1998, written by Lyne Gosselin
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For a second time in this column we feature an entrepreneur that stands out from the crowd by his ambition, work ethic and energy. He participated in the prestigious Arista contest, which recognizes excellence among entrepreneurs and professionals.

Name: Pierre Savignac
Title: Founding President
Entreprise: Emergex Consulting
Founded: 1992
Clients: International organizations

Visionary, innovator and business savvy, these are only a few adjectives that describe Pierre Savignac. Chief Executive Officer since 1992, he recently revised his strategic plan to refocus the vision of his business. According to Mr. Savignac, this new plan will guide his team toward the next level of success for the next few years. Emergex Consulting thrives in the very competitive market of IT projects and system integration, making it very important to maintain a competitive advantage. Until now, the enterprise has been very successful in an industry where big players usually prevail, says Mr. Savignac. Winner of a Silver Award from the National Bank in October 1997, he was also finalist for the Young Quebec Entrepreneur of the year in the Arista Sun-Life contest organized by Montreal's Junior Chamber of Commerce. His success at such events demonstrates that his hard work is finally paying off…

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