Cansoc Technologies Spreads APC Technology Around the World
Taken from the APC Review, April 1998
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"Our mission at Cansoc Technologies Inc. is to design and implement information technology projects in developing countries. Thanks to our competitive advantages, we are one of the few system integrators daring to venture into these territories, which present challenges unknown in the North American marketplace."

"The demand for information technology infrastructure in developing countries is enormous. These countries are spending more than we think on cutting edge hardware and software, yet they have fewer specialized local suppliers and technical experts available to assist them.

"Most of our contracts are financed by governments and international financial institutions, although we do provide solutions for private enterprises, but only to the largest national exporters. Since these exporters represent the life blood of economic development, they are considered strategic by these countries. Due to the geographical disparity of our markets, the six languages I know or studied are coming in very handy.

"Cansoc Technologies provides turnkey solutions, which include the initial consulting expertise, design and planning, hardware and software supply, Internet infrastructure and access, satellite and/or network installation, professional training, maintenance, and finally power protection, a critical element of all the systems we offer.

"Because we sell the whole package, we provide UPSs in most of our projects. In the specific case of Africa, electrical power is nowhere near as reliable as in North America or Europe. It is not uncommon for cities to shut down power every night in a round robin fashion. Not only the current drops but it is also 'dirty' or poor in quality. This makes power protection even more critical. At least 80% of the equipment we sell in our African projects are accompanied by APC UPS. We absolutely always specify APC UPS because we found the quality is the best available, at a good price.

"In addition to great products at great prices, the company us extremely responsive to our client needs. Whenever Cansoc Technologies requests product literature or spec sheets from APC, they are sent very promptly and with a smile. We also feel the technical support behind us as APC is a global company like us with service centers and divisions around the world."

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